SoundSelect Now Offers You The Option To Rent To Own Your Sound & Lighting Gear, In Partnership With Opex Rental.

This is a perfect option for small businesses, hiring companies, events companies, clubs & churches.

Follow the steps below or call 011 485 3639 or email for info.

Latest Technologies

The task of keeping operations both cash positive and efficient is not an easy one and calls for the appropriate technologies. By renting, companies are able to enjoy the latest  technologies and keep their debt to equity ratios low.


Rentals support and improve a company’s cash flow management; eliminating the increase in liabilities and resulting in superior returns on assets and more predictability in replacement cycles.

No deposit

Rentals do not require the cash outlay of a deposit and don’t utilise existing finance facilities.

One agreement

All components of a customer can be rented under one agreement, we even finance software.

Finance approval

OpexRental operates within a broad spectrum of funders, investors and service providers. This means that we are well equipped to provide clients a greater chance of finance approval.


The VAT on a rental is raised on a monthly payment and not capitalized up front, and results in saving on early settlements and upgrades.

Off balance sheet

Further savings on rentals are made as they are accepted as ‘off balance sheet’ items and are fully deductible during the period in which they are incurred.

Tailor made

Clients only pay for the monthly usage of equipment and monthly rentals are structured to suit their specific needs. Rentals therefore assist in budgeting and cost management.

Business Sense

Our team consists of business minded people, that will use their entrepreneurial flair, analytical experience and financial expertise, to package a solution that just makes pure business sense.




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